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Invest in the multi-billion dollar English language training business

English is recognized as an official language in more countries than any other.

Not surprising then that the global market for English language teaching is believed to be $50 billion, and growing daily.

With over 60% coming from the pre-school market alone!

As a British company, with more than 250 Pingu’s English Schools open already across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America, and increasing all the time, Pingu’s English is already revolutionising the global pre-school market.

Now we’re looking to appoint partners who want to own a Master Franchise in one of our available international markets. Keen to find out more? Then we want to hear from you!

Read the success story of other investors who have already joined the Pingu’s English Master Franchisee global team.

How to own a Master Franchise with Pingu’s English

We want you to help us in our mission to offer an exceptionally high quality of English teaching to kids around the world.

Own a Master Franchise with us and with hard work, and our personalised support, you can truly capitalise in this lucrative and expanding market. 

By owning a Master Franchise, you will gain the exclusive rights to Pingu’s English programs in your country.

We provide all partners all the extensive training, business development and marketing support you would expect from a global education provider.   

Find out everything you need to know about our Pingu’s English programs and how to apply to become a Master Franchisee by contacting us today.

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Two premium English language training programs. One international brand.

As our Master Franchisee, you’ll have the exclusive nationwide rights, to reach the lucrative pre-school education market in your country every day, all year round, using both of our international programs:

A brand new, 3 year full-time international kindergarten curriculum for young children of 3 – 6 years old. Developed in partnership with Kingston University London – leaders in early childhood development and teacher training.

  • Extensive content – Over 3,500 hours of teaching content, 36 Teacher Manuals and daily lesson plans!
  • Founded on the most recent, cutting-edge learning philosophies including Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Montessori and Reggio Emilia.

A 4 level international English language training (ELT) program for children from 3 – 8+ years old, aimed at stimulating a child’s confidence in the English language, as well as providing support with exam preparation.


international franchise

Through both of our highly respected international education programs, Pingu’s English offers parents:

* Day-by-day lesson plans to help achieve key milestones in our students’ social and academic development.

* Ongoing assessment with strong learning outcomes

* An opportunity for their child to gain a qualification, equivalent to an English proficiency level of pre-A1 on the Common European Framework.


kindergarten skills

Setting the bar for English teaching excellence since 1901

Our Heritage

Linguaphone Group is a UK-based language training provider with well over 115 years of experience delivering a gold standard of English teaching. An innovator since the start, we are known as a global leader in combining proven methodology to offer language teaching that’s both accessible and enjoyable.     

Get in touch today and start your journey towards a brighter, more rewarding future.


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    Pingu’s English Vietnam – Phi Huyen Anh, Pingu’s English Master Licensee

          Under Anh’s leadership, Pingu’s English Vietnam launched their first school in early 2019. In December of the same year…

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    Pingu’s English Thailand – Dr. Nipat Ungpakornkaew Master Franchisee

    Brief Timeline Jun 2009: 1st Corporate-Owned Pingu’s English School May 2011: 10th Pingu’s English Unit Franchise Jun 2011: 1st Pingu’s English School Licensing…

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    Pingu’s English Italy – Daniele Arboit, Master Licensee

    Brief Timeline 2012 – Signed contract in June and opened corporately owned centre in Bologna 2013 – Opened 6 Unit Franchises 2014…

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    Pingu’s English Myanmar – Bryan Yen, CEO

    Success story | Pingu’s English Myanmar Pingu’s English Myanmar joined our global network of partners in June 2016 and launched their first…

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    Pingu’s English Brazil – Cesar Lucchesi, Master Licensee

      What was your background before you became a Master Licensee with Pingu’s English? With 12 years of experience in the market,…

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    Success Story: Pingu’s English Palestine

    On the road to success through early education. Palestine launches first unit license operation. Exactly three months after Early Learning Centre Ltd…

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    Pingu’s English Lithuania – Sniežana Daubarien, Master Licensee

    Pingu’s English Lithuania is led by Ms Sniezana, a female entrepreneur who seized the opportunity to develop Pingu’s English in her home…

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    Pingu’s English Methodology

    Pingu’s English is a world-renowned children’s English language training leader that provides an ELT proven learning system and an international Kindergarten curriculum developed by industry-leading authors, including top UK University experts specialised in the Early Years, like Kingston University London. 

    Based around the timeless Antarctic adventures of TV character Pingu™, kids can learn alongside this lovable little penguin at one of our many international English Schools, kindergarten, as well as with parents at home. Since Pingu’s English was established in 2007, we’ve helped Master Franchisees open schools and kindergartens   across Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

    Consolidated Formula

    Over 115 years of industry-leading experience in language training from the  Linguaphone Group.

    Educational Introduction

    Parents are happy to see their kids achieving so much more than a new language; we teach educational, social, IT and numeracy skills alongside.

    Flexible Model

    Pingu’s English methodology can be adapted to all schools and kindergartens, and working in line with Ministry of Education guidelines worldwide.

    Iconic TV show

    Lovable, award-winning and universally recognized character that’s been watched by over 1billion people worldwide.

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      Pingu’s English Mexico Whitepaper – Spanish

      Why now is the time to start learning English in Mexico – Spanish Version.

      Pingu’s English Mexico Whitepaper – English

      Why now is the time to start learning English in Mexico – English Version.

      Want to franchise Pingu’s English in your country?

      Discover how to secure an exclusive opportunity to own a Master Franchise with us and take advantage of a proven, lucrative business model. After evaluating your professional profile and the country you are interested in, our Headquarters team will provide you with more information so that you can learn more about our international brand, our values and our business models.

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      Pingu’s English announces further ASEAN expansion with new Master Franchisee in Laos

      In the presence of the Rt. Hon Ed Vaizey MP, Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Laos, Cambodia…

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      How to increase Self-Confidence in the Early Years?

      Self-Confidence in the Early Years is the greatest gift a parent, carer or educator can…

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      Own a Master Franchise with us


        We at the British Chamber of Commerce worked with Linguaphone Group to find them a new in-market partner for the Korean market. Throughout the engagement we had with Linguaphone Group, we found them to be passionate about education, supremely professional in their approach to business and both responsive and personable in their interactions with ourselves and Korean partners. Korean investors were attracted to the best-in-class program which Linguaphone Group offers, the strong reputation of the company and the heritage with which it is associated. These are qualities that resonate globally.

        British Chamber Korea

         Sean Blakeley, BCCK CEO

        Our Experience with Pingu’s English has been profitable and positive from the first year. We relied on their professionalism and heritage, their staff is always prompt to assist with the latest trends and ideas on the market. We were looking for a brand who can guarantee us quality and a solid method but at the same time would leave us the freedom and flexibility in order to succeed in our challenging and competitive market like the Italian one. We built Pingu’s English project in Italy by mixing their huge international experience in the English training with our knowledge of the Italian market. All this enabled us to do the right decision for our winning investment. Today we have over 40 Pingu’s English centres and thousands of happy children learning English.

        Daniele Arboit

        Pingu's English Master Franchisee Italy

        From our first training session in London 2009- from the academic side to customer service -we felt confident and well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful Pingu’s English Master Licensees” At the moment, our services to all 23 networked schools across the country are effectively and efficiently backed by Pingu’s English.  No doubt that we see no limit to expand our business to cover 30,000+ schools in the near future!

        Nipat Ungpakornkaew

        Pingu's English Master Licensee Thailand

        I knew about Pingu’s English School through a friend. After research about the school, I decided to enroll my daughter and it was one of the best things I could do to her. She loves studying at Pingu’s English and she cannot wait to the day of the class. I also love Pingu's English School, because there she learns by playing and I can see her progress day by day.

        Léia Rodrigues

        Pingu's English Student's mother / Brazil

        Now she is studying at Pingu’s English School, my daughter only wants to talk to me in English and she is always singing the songs.

        Cristiane Doimo

        Pingu's English Student's mother /Brazil

        Regarding the teaching method they use a figurative storytelling way of starting the lesson,  trying hard to involve the child and make the them curious about the situation. Tom is very happy to go to Pingu’s English because he perceives the School as a playful moment and not just as a learning moment while at the same time he is learning a new language


        Pingu's English Student's Mother /Italy

        We love Pingu’s English School because the school gives my son the opportunity to learn and develop different skills, especially English skills. He is excited every time to go to school and is always happy when he comes home.

        Sapavoot Preedawipart

        Pingu's English Student's Mother/ Thailand

        Pingu’s English School is not just a school; it is as a second home for my kid. I like it when I see my kid growing and learning in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Most of all, I can see a lot of improvement in his English listening and speaking skills

        Piyatida Tudteam

        Pingu's English Student's Mother/Thailand

        I have being running my own school for 15 years. When I met Pingu’s English, it was love at first sight. Now I am offering the best English Course available to my students and they are loving it as well as their parents. Thank you Pingu’s English!

        Giedre Paula

        Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of Mato Grosso do Sul

        Brazil is a huge Market and the preschool english education industry is growing very fast. All our franchisees are happy with the Pingu’s English methodology as well as the operational manuals Liguaphone offers to Unit Licensees. They feel very well assisted.

        Ronaldo Vieira

        Pingu's English Master Franchisee in State of Sao Paulo

        Abbas always tells me that Pingu's English is the most fun he has all day. I am very glad that this place makes him feel that way and noticeably develop his language skills too


        Pingu's English Student's Father/Bahrain

        Our students are very enthusiastic in studying at Pingu’s English. They always tell us how much fun and how much they learn here. Parents also keep saying how proud they are with the knowledge and improvements their children are making.

        Willian Veloso Rocha

        Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of São Paulo